October 19 2014, 12am

Year 10 live by Kimya Dawson || Times played:67


Kimya Dawson - Year 10

October 19 2014, 12am


Giambattista Valli S/S 2015  RTW


Giambattista Valli S/S 2015  RTW

October 18 2014, 5pm

Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word ↗



In case you missed it last night, The T Word is free to watch online! There’s a pretty great representation of trans folks of color and really goes into the traumas and violence our communities face.

ahhh oh my gosh yay i’m so glad I can watch it now! : D

October 18 2014, 1pm


Today on the MBTA, someone called 911 over a lady puking on the subway, claiming she was from Liberia and had Ebola. After they had stopped train service on the Orange line, and escorted her away with a horde of cops and medical responders, it was finally established that she was actually of Haitian descent.

The Ebola epidemic is going to spin off into full-on hypochondriac racism really fast, mark my words.

October 18 2014, 1pm


"Please report as if trans people are people too: A portrait of Mayang Prasetyo" Last week in Australia a woman was murdered, and because she was a transgender sex worker most of the news stories chose to sensationalize the story, and use insulting language to talk about her. The articles rarely mentioned the very horrible statistics of violence against trans people. This is infuriating. Its bigotry, and its perpetuated on a mass scale through media outlets. I usually try to focus on positive things, but with this paste I wanted to put a little information out there, that any of the articles could have covered.

October 18 2014, 12pm



Bird Music

This is how they write Jazz

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